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Free Monthly Class 

The Emergency Room Bible Study 

The Collision of God and people where great teaching of the Word of God is being spread on Teleconference Calls in the comfort of your own home.

 Every 1st Saturday Morning of every month at 7:45 am.  

 Dial 1.602.580.9683

 Access code: 3714719#

Listen to free play backs!

 Dial: 1.720.740.9889 

Access Code: 3714719# 

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6 Powerful Empowerment Biblical Training Classes.

Are you ready to be equipped and ready for transformation. 

You will have an email format of these teachings and you can have a Private Session Video Conference or Telephone Conference.  

Cost $10 for 30 minutes.

Select classes by filling out the form completely and administrator.

  • Private Biblical Training Classes  -  is One on One Teaching
  • Group Biblical    You can invite Erica to your Family House to do a Live Bible  or a group of friends to Study to get understanding where you can ask questions.       Fill out the form to Request more information or sign up.

Private or Group Session 1

Understanding The Value of What You Posses.

Everything you will ever need is on the inside.  But having understanding how to live there is something different.  Do you know what you have in your possession and the value of it.

Private or Group  Session 2

Help my Self- Esteem I need A Boost.

The pressure to like and love everybody but you is unhealthy.  Learn how to properly tear down these walls to live in a confident place.

Private or Group Session 3

Prayer & Fasting

Prayer is effective but do you know the essentials of having a prayer and fasting life?  What do you pray?  How to plug in and stay in?

Private or Group Session 4

Reconnecting Marriages and Dealing with Relationships.

How to evolve into oneness?  What are the two ways that will keep a marriage or any relationship on target?  My personal testimony on how my marriage struggle became my victory.

Private or Group Session 5

 How to deal with Setbacks.

Setbacks have to be dealt strategically.  Learn the formula that will give you access to peace which brings holiness. 

Private or Group Session 6

The Spiritual Makeover Private Empowerment Class 

Time to Step up and Get your Portion.  But a real change has to happen First.  Get in The Hot Seat with Erica and begin the Process of Change.

Private or Group Session 7

Purpose For Purpose

  • Real Answers and Lasting Change.
  • Understanding The Design of Purpose.
  • Self-discovery!  You will become become self-aware to determine who you are and who you are not.
  • Building Tools to Explore and stand in your purpose.