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Be a Part of The Winning Zone By

Joining The Females Speaking Up

Launching February 

Why Be A Part?

There are several reasons why you should be a part of this great program.

One is because it is design to fit every woman in mind. As women we face different things in life; some of us find our way, but some of us get lost. Having a program that is willing to go the distance with you, become a great support system, to motivate, and to coach females is a tool worth having in our pocket. Lets be real how many girls you know deserve having a positive voice in their ear? Think how many hearts have been broken without having a sound person to just listen to them and to inspire them that there is hope. How many girls are lonely, missing love, and not understanding their true value?

Do you see why we can’t ignore this; we have to find our voice so we can help others find theirs..

Be a part of something that is greater than all of us.

Arrive on the scene to celebrate women for their rare beauty, and their remarkable attributes they bring to this world. We want you to connect, grow, build, and celebrate with us. Our ladies Newsletters will be showcasing great information about the everyday woman and introducing great ladies and entrepreneurs. Be a part of this Ladies Movement. This is a true assignment to my heart; and now is the time to learn, respect and grow from one another.

Ladies Empowerment Regular Membership

$15.00 monthly love offering to The Palace.

*Packages includes:

*Jumpstart your Monday's with Power Talk

*Subscription to the Empowerment News

*Birthday Club

*Platform to share your gifts; Great opportunities to display your gifts and your Voice to be heard.

*Emergency Room Bible study 1st Saturday of every month at 7:45am

*The Prayer Walking Club

*Monthly Check -ins

*Pop up Drawings

Purchase The Empowerment Resource Kit - $60

Ready to join fill out form.

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