The Empowerment Palace Ministry llc. 

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Welcome to The Empowerment Palace.   Erica Malachi Is a native of Cheraw, S.C.  she have worked various jobs mentoring, educating and motivating both males and females.  She is a strong dedicated leader to see people grow in spite of their surroundings.  After finding her voice, she begin to pursue a dream rooted deep in her heart.  She have been a motivational speaker for over 16 years.  She has one son and five grand children.  She currently hold a certificate in Children Development obtained through classes at NETC and studied Christian Ministry from More Than Conquerors College.  She have received great mentoring and leadership classes and a member of Christian Women Entrepreneurs. She is A Ordained Minister of the Gospel.  The core of who she is , She love God more than anything or anyone.  She is am blessed and very joyous that her name is written in the Lamb Book of Life.