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Welcome To The Empowerment Palace

*Prayer Room. * 

Be A Part of Something Special

Corporate Prayer @ 5:30a.m.

Dial: 1.518.318.5198

  • April 15th
  • April 17th

Prayer Tip:

Talk to God with your heart, don't worry about how it sounds, or is it right or wrong. It's better to talk openly and express your thoughts to Him. Speaking to God with an open heart will bring light to any darkness. Are you ready to Pray?

Do You need prayer?

  • We are never alone, even when we might feel like it. everyone needs prayers.
  • If you would like to enter our Prayer box with a prayer request, we will pray.
  • Do you have a praise report you would like to share with us. 

Send us Prayer Requests and Praise Reports


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