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Welcome to The Empowerment Palace. Erica Malachi Is a native of Cheraw, S.C. she have worked various jobs mentoring, educating and motivating both males and females. She is a strong dedicated leader to see people grow in spite of their surroundings. After finding her voice, she begin to pursue a dream rooted deep in her heart. She have been a motivational speaker for over 25 years. She has one son and six grand children. She currently hold a certificate in Children Development obtained through classes at NETC and studied Christian Ministry from More Than Conquerors College. She have received great mentoring and leadership classes and a member of Christian Women Entrepreneurs. She is A Ordained Minister of the Gospel and you can always take her One on One Private Empowerment Training Classes; where she breaks down the truth of God’s Word. She is The Founder and the CEO of The Empowerment Palace Ministry; where lives are being transformed. Erica has recently launched Females Speaking Up where she is being a vessel to see women lives level up. She is the Co- Author of one of the best selling books on Amazon named “Empowered Over-comers” where she wrote a chapter on The Spirit of A Champion. She Is is a Certified Christian Counseling where God is using her as a safe place to share people private life stories for help.

The core of Erica is that she loves God more than anything or anyone.

She is blessed and very joyous that her name is written in the Lamb Book of Life.



with Erica

You are a phone call away on getting back on track?

Reasons to make the call?

*Have you been self doubting yourself, your purpose, and why are you here?

*Do you feel like throwing in the towel?

*Have you lost your FOCUS?

*Have you experienced rejection and abandonment?

*Are you Stuck?

*Are you ready to break cycles?

FREE 15 minutes Consultation on how to refocus get rebooted.

Reintroduce yourself to the game.

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A Voice for Today that is full of Life, Flow in The Spirit of God and Love people. Erica Specialized in Teaching The Word of God with Fire and Simplicity.

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Erica Travel Itinerary

The Ladies Empowerment Retreat 

October 4th -8th


Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Black Authors Lab

March 26,2022

Saturday @ 1pm

Kevin Lear On Main

140 Second Street 

Cheraw, SC, 29550


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